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First of all I would like to thank the devs for making a great game! 

Cimmarian is in no way affiliated with Orbital Gear and this contest is being hosted by Cimmarian and Kabalyero 100% free. 


Where is the contest? 

Where are you gifting the game from?

North America 

Did you buy the game?


Do I need a Cimmarian account?

No, You do get bonus points for having one though! There are zero sign up or manditory entries only enter the things you want to enter with. 

Why does it ask me to sign in?

This is on gleams side to make sure you are not cheating the contest there are plenty of options including facebook, twitch and steam. You DO NOT need a account to actually enter the contest. 

Why here?

It's simple, I try my best to share our contests for everyone to enjoy. I don't like to single people out just because they are not in our group or on our site. We are a solid community with some really great gamers and developers so I trust them not to abuse our system. 

Can I host a Cimmarian Contest?

Of course, Just get in touch with me and I'll hook you up with your own contest! Get new views, subscribers and fans! 

Have fun and good luck!

Video Game Radio!

2015-02-22 06:46:38 by KennethBoxall

I wanted to share Cimmarian's Radio Station this holds all kinds of video game music from remixes to classic retro tunes.

It will be officially released on March 1st however we are streaming a demo stream of over 150 hours of video game soundtracks!

You can Check it out here



We provide a home for gamers and game developers to connect. You can join groups, take part in events, watch videos, post blogs, chat on the forums and more!


  • Profiles
  • Groups
  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Events
  • Servers
  • Radio
  • Photo Albums
  • Contest
  • and more!

We even have a Newgrounds group!

Projects we have and will be working on include but not limited to Cimmarian Radio, Music Albums, Game Development, Job Market and more!

Cimmarian Charity

Hey everyone just wanted to let you know about my charity that raises money to help kids in need!
If you want to play awesome games and raise money for kids while doing it then now is the time!

Cimmarian Charity - Play Games and Help Kids

Cimmarian Social

2013-08-07 08:21:21 by KennethBoxall

Cimmarian Social

New social network with all the good stuff for fans of Cimmarian, Comics, Video Games, Animations and more!

We have:
Free Games (members only)
MLG live
Forums (Some hidden to non-members)

Come check us out!

Cimmarian Social

Cimmarian Radio

2013-06-18 17:46:54 by KennethBoxall

I just wanted to let everyone know I started a radio station in my video game social group. If you want to give it a listen you can find it listed on shoutcast or goto the link below and there are options for players if you use iTunes or VLC click the winamp button.

Cimmarian Radio

Cimmarian Radio

My Social Group

2013-03-17 03:13:58 by KennethBoxall

Hey everyone, I'm still around which i'm sure have noticed I never mean't I was leaving newgrounds before just took a break since they seem to be really.

Here is the update! I have been working on a social group for awhile now and IT has grown to over 3000+ members. If you would like to take part and have some fun i'll give you some of our links

Steam Group Page

Cimmarian Forums

Cimmarian Facebook Group

My Social Group

Always taking down my music and now taken down my art if anyone wishes to view my art pleas go to my devientart.
I give up on newgrounds. To much Admin hate.

CrackMasterK's Art

I'm back, sorry

2012-04-29 03:06:20 by KennethBoxall

I got locked out of my account for awhile because of someone trying to sign in as me and couldn't get the password and my account was linked to an old e-mail i no longer had. So I was stuck in a bad loop.

I'll soon be working on some projects for newgrounds other then music ^_^


2011-03-25 07:57:52 by KennethBoxall

Okay, I have added a forum and blog to my website Kenneth Boxall So if you have any requests and ect. it would be a good place to put such comments.