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I'm back, sorry

2012-04-29 03:06:20 by KennethBoxall

I got locked out of my account for awhile because of someone trying to sign in as me and couldn't get the password and my account was linked to an old e-mail i no longer had. So I was stuck in a bad loop.

I'll soon be working on some projects for newgrounds other then music ^_^


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2012-04-29 16:01:11

I'm sorry that had to happen... I'm glad you're back! Your new songs are wonderful and I cannot wait to hear more! n_n

KennethBoxall responds:

Thank you ^_^ I'll bring many for sure


2013-01-16 20:17:14

A few of your pics are being done in a nifty program I know, but when you start cropping out pics like this r-asgard-image-1_09050002D000092990.jpg and feed them as your own? That really gets my goat.

Lay off ArtRage, since we know where the stuff you're tracing over are coming from.