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Entry #11

Cimmarian Contest Win Orbital Gear

2015-07-25 04:32:51 by KennethBoxall


First of all I would like to thank the devs for making a great game! 

Cimmarian is in no way affiliated with Orbital Gear and this contest is being hosted by Cimmarian and Kabalyero 100% free. 


Where is the contest? 

Where are you gifting the game from?

North America 

Did you buy the game?


Do I need a Cimmarian account?

No, You do get bonus points for having one though! There are zero sign up or manditory entries only enter the things you want to enter with. 

Why does it ask me to sign in?

This is on gleams side to make sure you are not cheating the contest there are plenty of options including facebook, twitch and steam. You DO NOT need a account to actually enter the contest. 

Why here?

It's simple, I try my best to share our contests for everyone to enjoy. I don't like to single people out just because they are not in our group or on our site. We are a solid community with some really great gamers and developers so I trust them not to abuse our system. 

Can I host a Cimmarian Contest?

Of course, Just get in touch with me and I'll hook you up with your own contest! Get new views, subscribers and fans! 

Have fun and good luck!


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